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High quality microscope for visual and automated inspection of fiber optic connector endfaces.

DSCOPE is a high quality microscope solely designed for fiber optic connector endface inspection. DSCOPE makes no compromises on quality, with precision optics and the most homogeneous illumination in the industry. The foundation of any precise optical system is high quality optical components and even illumination.
Data-Pixel realized that the vast majority of microscopes being used in the industry today suffered from a poor illumination design, yielding sub standard optical performances, and large variations in the number and size of artifacts seen on connector endface surfaces between microscopes, even those from the same manufacturer.

To overcome this performance flaw the DSCOPE is based on a true Koehler light-source for the best possible illumination quality and homogeneity.

DSCOPE aims at bridging the gap between low-cost poor quality scopes and the general purpose high-quality, high cost laboratory scopes available on the market today.

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