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High precision fiber-core to ferrule-envelope concentricity and indexing measurements.

The Ferrule end-face geometry characteristics are key factors to the quality of patch-cords interconnections. While interferometry measurement tools can measure some of these characteristics (Radius of polishing, Apex-offset, Fiber height, …), they cannot measure the concentricity of the fiber core with respect to the ferrule outer envelope. Fiber-core concentricity can have various origins such as fiber cladding to core concentricity , ferrule envelope to bore concentricity and unmatched fiber diameter to ferrule bore diameter.
The result of concentricity is a loss in optical power at interconnections and therefore a loss in performances.
With this module, KONCENTRIK-V2 measures the concentricity of the fiber core with respect to the ferrule outer envelope of a connector with a 0.15µm precision. It also measures the position of the core with respect to the connector key with a few degrees of precision.

KONCENTRIK-V2 is a modular measurement system. Several mechanical modules adapt on it so that either fiber or ferrule concentricity measurements can be performed.

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