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Fiberon Technologies introduces the next generation of fiber optic interconnect technology with the newly patented LC-X Uniboot connector series. The LC-X not only meets, but exceeds all applicable Telcordia, FOCIS and related standards, is RoHs and V-0 flammability compliant and offers one of the most user friendly, compact designs on the market today.

The LC-X allows the use of a single small 2mm or 3mm round two fiber cable for LC duplex connector use in especially dense routing and storage applications. The LC-X incorporates our patented LC-M technology in the LC connectors themselves featuring low insertion loss, excellent repeatability and enhanced reliability with a strong metal back body which optimizes connector strength and side load support.


  • True Uniboot (one boot) design
  • Easily switch/eXchange the polarity(a to b/b to a) without tools
  • Easily change the pitch from standard (6.25mm spacing) to LC mini (5.25mm spacing) without tools
  • LC metal back body for increased strength and enhanced lateral side load performance
  • Multiple boot styles and colors including short boot, angle boot and adjustable boot
  • Option for pull / push tab for tight fit and/or high density applications.


  • Data Centers
  • Private Networks
  • Interconnect and Cross-Connect
  • High Density Applications
Exchange Polarity

LC-X Uniboot Easy Reverse Connector

One of the most compelling design elements of our uniboot that separate it from other designs in the market is the ability to swap polarity without having to use a separate tool or break the connector apart.

Easily Switch/ eXchange the Polarity (A to B/B to A) Without Tools

    • 1). Locate trigger housing on LC-X Uniboot connector and pull towards the boot.
    • 2). Once trigger housing is resting on the boot turn each LC connector to the outside 180 degrees one at a time.
    • 3). Complete the polarity swapping process by turning the resting trigger housing 180 degrees around boot and click into LC until you hear a click.


When properly reversed you will notice X-CHG in text at the base of the uniboot body above the boot.

This process should take under 15 seconds.