General Details

Superior Made in Italy quality for an innovative and classy product

This launch box is a passive optical component, complementary to O.T.D.R. (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) for the testing of a fiber optics link. It is made of a coiled optical fiber and it helps eliminate O.T.D.R. “dead zone area”. FUTURA is the brand new and high-quality armoured fiber launch designed. An innovative solution thought to make installers activity more comfortable and practical.

Produced and patented by FIBERNET

Specs Sheet

Fiber length ~ Up to 1.000 m
Insertion loss <0.5 Typical (1km 9/125 @1550nm) dB
Return loss UPC < -50, APC <-60 dB
Operating Temperature -33 ~ +90 °C
Material ABS e Aluminum
Dimensions Ø110 X (H) 50 mm
Weight 0,4 kg

Uses and Features

  • Testing, certification
  • Maintenance of fiber optics networks
Key Features
  • It can be held in the palm of one hand:
    four times smaller than standard launch boxes
  • 3 mm armoured external pigtail
  • Pigtail length can be easily adjusted by the user
  • Label can be customized with your company logo
  • Soft case with shoulder straps available for either 1 or 3 FUTURAs

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